The Little Pine Tree

A Story of a Lonely Pine Tree and a Little Boy

Don’t Fear God!

cross-and-sky_1084_1024x768But doesn’t the Bible say to fear the Lord and obey him? Yes it does, but it doesn’t mean what you think. The Hebrew word for fear is a noun not a verb and it means to have a spirit of reverence towards. Don’t ask me why the english translators picked fear, I may look into it and post the answer at another time.

But one thing I do know is that obedience to God, from what we misinterpret as  a verb to “fear”  God, is not His will.

Most Christians  have grown up towing the line, being obedient, out of fear of their parents or a “fear” of God. What a contrast to what our heavenly Father truly wants. So what does He want? Well I say that what He wants is our obedience through His supernatural transformation of our hearts because we’ve chosen to know in the deepest way His love for us. And that is His will.

The word of God says that Perfect Love (God’s love) cast out ALL of our fears because with fear comes torment or punishment. (Paraphrase 1 John 4:18)

And since the Bible is clear that Jesus took our punishment on the cross, and He commands us (Christians) not to fear, God desires us to enjoy His peace, the peace of God that Jesus Himself had, a peace that passes all natural understanding. Focus on seeking to know His love for you and do not fear. Obedience to Him will come, trust Him…it will.

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